"SAPC has been going for twenty years and has offered rich opportunities for connection between like-minded counsellors and practitioners. The counselling landscape is changing, however, and this has effected ways in which CPD is provided and attended. Increasingly, SAPC has been faced with competition, reducing membership, limited resources to market and operate as an ongoing organisation despite the time, energy and commitment dedicated to SAPC by its committee and workshop group. Our members have had to reach the very difficult conclusion that SAPC, in its current form, is no longer viable and so will be closing in November 2019. We regret that we can no longer take any membership applications but can assure you that our current programme will continue as planned and paying non-members are welcome to attend". 

Welcome to SAPC —
Exploring the Dynamics of Personal Relations; Committed to Professional Development

SAPC aims to enhance the development and experience of those practicing or training in psychodynamic counselling but also of those interested in psychodynamic theory, ideas or thinking.

We are a non profit-making, membership organisation committed to facilitating professional development for our members and providing information for others interested in the relevance and application of psychodynamic ideas in their own work as counsellors or in other ‘caring professions’.

SAPC hopes to promote individual and community wellbeing in general by supporting psychodynamic practice and thinking in Scotland.


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