Events held in 2016


Jackie Horsburgh: Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy.

Jackie’s focussed on her own experience of DIT as a psychodynamic counsellor and how she saw the benefits of this way of working.

Aileen Stevenson: Introducing Mindfulness.

The introductory mindful awareness session introduced the background theory, some mindfulness exercises and the opportunity to experience mindfulness.

Carina Maccall: Who am I really? Gender Identity and Gender Transition: The Role of Counselling

The importance for counsellors’ understanding the implications of gender transition and its impact on clients’ sense of self.

Maria Naranjo: Self Harm and Attachment

A lecture on the relationship between self harming behaviour, suicide and developmental attachment patterns, exploring the idea of self harm as an addictive behaviour.

Dr Marijke Moerman and Hilary Crook: Bullying in the Workplace: A Silent Malady

Workshop presented by Dr Marijke Moerman and Hilary Crook. The havoc created in employees’ lives by workplace bullying is more often than not, underestimated and, more worryingly, unrecognised by organisations who then also victimise the victim, either knowingly, or unwittingly.

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