Mindfulness within a Therapeutic Relationship


A Wellspring Workshop                                                          

      Core Process Psychotherapy Skills Development Days

     Mindfulness within a Therapeutic Relationship

     Expanding Deep Listening  –  Edinburgh – Feb 17, 2018

Mindfulness has the potential to transform how we experience ourselves, others, and the world.  Grounded in the belief that awareness is inherently healing, the workshops explore how cultivating awareness, compassion, presence and spaciousness can help us to move beyond wounded perceptions and emotional habits, and deepen our capacity for challenging life and relationship situations (both inner & outer). These workshops offer opportunities to deepen into the domains of Core Process Psychotherapy. It is a model rooted in a Buddhist understanding of mind and embodied sensitivity, integrated with a relational understanding of early life developmental psychology.

We will engage in mindful-awareness practices, playful experiential exercises and learning about Buddhist psychology to help explore aspects of our human potential, the loops and knots of unhappiness we get caught in and become blinded by, and how relational mindfulness and creativity can be accessed to help dissolve patterns of developmental arrest and self-limitation. You will have the shared opportunity to deepen into the central concepts which inform Core Process Psychotherapy and how it interfaces with other psychotherapy modalities.

The workshops are open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how mindfulness in relationship can be drawn upon as a profound basis for self development, enquiry into the dynamics of personal/professional  relationships, and how this learning can be applied in counselling, psychotherapy and other helping roles within the workplace or community life. It may also be useful for anyone considering applying for one of Karuna Institute’s professional trainings. No affiliation to Buddhism is required.


Dates:  February 17, March 17, April 14, May 19 & June16

Location: Wellspring, 13 Smith’s Place, Edinburgh Time 9:30 – 5:00

Tutor:  John MacFadyen, Core Process Psychotherapist and member of the  

             teaching team at Karuna Institute, Devon

The first day will be a general introductory day followed by four further dates. The modules can be booked into individually. Cost: £60 per module

For enquiries please contact:  Wellspring mail@wellspring-scotland.co.uk     0131-553-6660 or John MacFadyen:  johnmacf@morham.org  07788976022

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