EDINBURGH: Saturday 6th October 2018 SAPC AGM and ANNUAL LECTURE After Genocide – How Ordinary Jews Face the Holocaust Speaker: Sue Lieberman Venue: Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue  AGM: Registration 10:00am. AGM 10:30am to 12:00pm Lecture: Registration 12:30pm. Lecture 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Sue will shed light on the concept of “ collective trauma”. ‘Collective trauma’ is an easily-used but little-understood idea. She will discuss some of the dynamics …

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AGM 2012

2012   Pauline Brown DIVERSITY IN THE CONSULTING ROOM Maureen McAteer ROOTS OF EMPATHY Steve Page PARALLEL PROCESS IN SUPERVISION PREVENTING VIOLENCE – SEIZING THE TEACHABLE MOMENT   Previous Speakers at the Annual Lectures have included:   Michael Jacobs Paul Gordon, Valerie Sinason Olivia Lousada Una McCluskey, Penny Holland Sir Richard Bowlby Lavina Gomez Margot …

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