A Wellspring Introductory Training


A Wellspring Introductory Training

Edinburgh:  February to June 2018

(one weekend day per month)


This training will introduce participants to the characteristics and dynamics of play group therapy for primary aged children.

Learning will include the theoretical knowledge and skills base required in order for adults to work in a transformational way with children’s vulnerabilities and lack of confidence.  The qualities of deep sensitivity and developmental understanding that inform the course provide children with some of the conditions needed to support their longing for corrective emotional experiences, true resilience and developmental fluency. Play and behaviour are children’s most immediate, effective and natural forms of communication. Through their behaviour and play children are communicating information about their life struggles, their defences and areas of developmental arrest, anxieties and fear, and their strengths and resources.

The role and function of the adult in this model is central to the creation of a therapeutic group climate. It is both a very challenging and profoundly satisfying role. The most significant principle is that demonstrations of kind and skilful resilience by adults, promote feelings of security and confidence in children.

Aspects of Eastern and Western psychology, attachment theory, child development, and various models of play group therapy will be drawn on to enrich the power of learning about sensitive relationship, use of self and therapeutic attunement, and group dynamics.


The first day will be a general introduction, followed by four additional dates covering course components in more detail. Each day can be booked separately.


Dates: Feb 18; March 18; April 15; May 20 and June 17 2018

Cost:       £50 for each day booked

Location: Wellspring, 13 Smith’s Place, Edinburgh


Tutor:  John MacFadyen, Therapist at Wellspring, a Core Process Psychotherapist and member of the teaching team at Karuna Institute, Devon. John has many years of working therapeutically with children and families. Play group therapy has been an area of specialisation.

For enquiries please contact:  Wellspring mail@wellspring-scotland.co.uk     0131-553-6660 or John MacFadyen:  johnmacf@morham.org   07788976022

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